Guest DJ’s

DJ Peter Luts
DJ Kelly Pfaff
DJ Sandy (Best Female DJ)
The Maxx Brothers
DJ Mystique
Dave McCullen
Starski & Tonic
Olivier Pieters
Yves Deruyter
Phidel & Castro
DJ Wout (Sylver)
Bart-Jan Depraetere (Q-Music)
Magnus (Tom Barman & CJ Bolland)
Sweet Coffee
Africa Bombada (live djembe)
DiMaro (Carre)
DJ DIVA (NL topless)
Optredens van onder andere :
Sam Gooris
Paul Severs
The Sparrows
Tommy and the Wildflowers
Lucy Loes

Imitators van :
Tina Turner
André Hazes
Elvis Presley

And many more to come… !

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